Blackout Tattoos Are the New “Thing” in Tattoo Land

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As the world turns so do tattoo trends.  The current in “Thing” in the tattoo world is the blackout tattoo.  People are injecting an incredible amount of ink into their skin with these puppies.  These tattoos involve large sections of the body getting completely covered in black ink.  It’s hard to find the reason these are so “attractive” right now.

Chester Lee, a tattoo artist in Singapore, is in favor of the blackout tattoo.  He says,

“People start to appreciate the fact that black is nicer and everlasting to look at. As I say, [it’s an] acquired taste.”

Tattoo artists must make extra money off the “blackout” since so much more ink and time is involved.  It’s also easier to simply tattoo a huge plot of skin instead of creating an intricate design.  A person doesn’t have to be an artist to paint a person.

Blackout tattoos do have some positive points.  They can be used to cover up old tattoos or scars.  Other than that, they are a bit of a head scratcher.

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You decide if you like these blackout tattoos posted on Instagram.


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