15 Most Incredible Disney Tattoos

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10. Mickey’s Heart Hands

Keeping it simple, this set of Mickey’s gloves in the shape of a heart is a cute little sign that Disney means love.

9. Tangled

Rapunzel from Tangled was an adorable, naïve girl and this tattoo shows that perfectly on her face. And her little frog friend is just darn cute as well.

8. Up House

Clearly a caricature rendition of Mr. Fredricken’s house from the movie “Up”, when he tied thousands of balloons to his house to see South Africa because he had promised his late wife they would go. This tattoo is a great reminder to keep on dreaming—and the colors are lovely as well.

7. Tiny Little Bambi

Awww. Remember how tiny and vulnerable Bambi was when his mother died? This little version of Bambi on the wrist is a great reminder of how bad things happen but things can turn out good in the end.

6. Snow White Is Back

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Beyond being a fan of Snow White, this woman wins the award. Showing Snow, Prince Charming, the dwarves, the Wicked Queen, and even a cameo appearance by Bambi. This woman’s entire back is covered by these Disney character is amazing techni-color artistry.

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