The 10 Hottest Female Golfers

10 Jaw-Droppingly Hot Female Golfers

When golf and hot women mix into one, heaven on earth becomes true. Golf has the reputation of being the most difficult sport to master. Just look at how hard it is for any golfer to stay consistent. Even the best to ever play the game have had huge meltdowns. Most recently, Jordan Speith blew a HUGE lead at the Masters. The once incredible Tiger Woods doesn’t even compete anymore. Many thought he’d go down as the greatest golfer of all time.

Now back to the female golfers. These are women who possess all the same mental qualities as the men, yet they bring something much more attractive to the table. Insane hotness! Women of this caliber are creating a new fan base in the form of men who enjoy looking at their golf stroke and sensational bodies. These women are looking so good, men are constantly yelling “FORE” when they attempt to play on the same course.

Believe it or not, a person needs to be physically fit to walk 18 holes in one day. This is why the women on this list need to keep themselves in such spectacular shape. In result, men get some top-notch eye candy to drool over. #1 looks like someone you’d see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

10. Paulina Gretzky


If you weren’t interested in golf before, you are now!  Paulina Gretzky’s appearance in Golf Digest was nothing short of incredible.  It looks like all of Wayne Gretzky’s talent as a hockey player translated into amazing looks for his daughter.

Her cover shot on the popular golf magazine created quite a ruckus.  She was only the 11th women to appear on the cover since 1969.  Professional female golfers became jealous since they didn’t get a chance and Paulina isn’t a pro.  It’s fairly obvious Golf Digest knew what they were doing.  A woman as beautiful as Paulina can easily sell magazines.  Additionally, the magazine was accused for not using a female editor to make the decision.

Regardless, it was a great choice.  She can inspire both men and women to play the game.  Plus, she looks absolutely stunning!

9. Natalie Gulbis


The strikingly beautiful blonde, Natalie Gulbis, is a California gal of Latvian descent. She was born and raised in Sacramento, California. She attended Arizona University for only one year before turning pro in 2001. She has played professionally on the LPGA Tour since 2002. During her pro career, Gulbis has picked up a total of 4 wins. She hasn’t won any majors, although she has placed in the top 5 a total of 3 times. Not too shabby!

In 2004, she stirred up some controversy on tour by releasing a 2005 calendar. The calendar was full of her striking poses in swimwear men love. After the calendar, Gulbis became a sex symbol. The LPGA didn’t take to kindly to the calendar and barred its sale at the 2004 US Women’s Open.

The next golfer is a real peach!