The 30 Undisputed Hottest Fitness Models in the World

Move over supermodels, there’s a new type of model taking over. The days of super skinny supermodels is going out of style more and more each day. The new style is hard bodies with BIG curves. It all started when a few fitness models began posting their photos on Instagram. Little did they know, they were starting a revolution.

Hot fitness models on Instagram are now one of the hottest commodities on the internet. Instagram fitness models have more followers than a lot of popular celebrities and for good reason. They post photos that blow people’s minds. No one wants to see what someone is eating for dinner anymore. People crave curves and hard bodies. Who can blame them? As social media evolves, people crave more. Right now, hot fitness models are at the top of the viral food chain, and they’re passing down crumbs for the public to see.

The following are the girls at the top of the class. We made sure not to slack when it came to bringing you the cream of the crop. It was no easy task to evaluate all of the beautiful fitness models on the internet today. Or wait maybe it was. Make sure to sift all the way through because #25-30 are the some of the most stunningly hot women on earth!

1. Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee epitomizes the life of a successful fitness model. Through working her way to the top, she has become a world renowned fitness presenter and celebrity trainer. This means she is making big bucks working with famous celebrities because everyone knows celebrities have a ton of coin.

Jennifer even has her own website where she offers a wide array of classes. It is her passion to transform people’s lives through the power of fitness. She has created her own form of fitness known as the JNL Fusion Workout method. It must work well because she has 273 positive reviews. Also, all you have to do is take a look at her to know she is doing something right. She is an absolute masterpiece!

Aside from modeling, she has become a best-selling author and appeared on over 70 magazine covers. She is definitely putting in overtime to fulfill all of her life goals. Her story is an inspiration to everyone in the world.

2. Stephanie Buckland

If you like a woman with a perfectly toned and exquisite body, feast your eyes on fitness model Stephanie Buckland. Everyone can agree, she is ridiculously hot and has the curves of a goddess. In her photo here, she recommends, “If you got it… Grab it.” Well, there is no doubt she has it and is certainly grabbing it.

She is a perfect example of how fitness models are taking over the model niche. Supermodels are surely pretty, but they don’t have bodies like this. Hot fitness model fever is in full effect because of girls like Stephanie. Considering the trend has only recently started, it’s looking like it’s here to stay.

Stephanie owns her own business, Hybrid Fitness-OC and is a published author. She even has her own website linked from her Instagram account with 341,000 followers!

3. Yarishna Ayala

Yarishna has the nickname PuertoRicanQueen, and it’s easy to see why. Her legendary hard body is packed with muscle and curves for days, weeks and months. If you haven’t seen what she looks like in a pair of daisy dukes prepare to be blown away. Latina women are known for their amazing curves, and the shape Ayala is in only accentuates what she already has.

She is so popular on Instagram, her account is at a staggering 991,000 followers! That is one HUGE following. One can only imagine how many fitness companies want to sponsor the young woman.

She is as an IFBB Bikini Pro and offers online coaching. She must have a long line of people knocking on her door! Ayala also likes to post workout videos and selfies that make men drool.