The 30 Undisputed Hottest Fitness Models in the World

4. Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson is a true pioneer in the fitness modeling biz. She is a personal trainer for several A-list celebrities including: Gwyneth Paltrow, Stacy Keibler, and Molly Sims. Now the public knows why Paltrow looks darn beautiful and Stacy Keibler has always been magnificent to look at.

Aside from training celebrities, Tracy treats her Instagram followers to valuable nutritional and training advice. Her account is currently up to 215,000 followers. People trust in Tracy and her methods.

On her personal website,, she offers programs for people of all ages. She hosts all types of events across the country. Additionally, she offers her own clothing line. It’s obvious, she has an amazing amount of energy from her seriously healthy regime. Spots at her events don’t come cheap, the average price is over $1,000 for her two day events.

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5. Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee might be the foxiest woman on earth. Her curves alone are absolutely out of this world. It’s hard to believe they are real! That doesn’t even begin to describe her face which is equally as beautiful.

Aside from looking insanely hot, she works as an LA fitness model and trainer. Her Instagram feed is quite possibly the most amazing on the internet today. Take a wild guess how many followers she has. She blows the other women on the list out of the water with an incredible 3.4 million followers! Yup, she’s that smoking hot. A good chunk of the entire world is literally following her. What’s even more amazing is she gained all those followers with only 130 posts!

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6. Massy Arias

When it comes to training hard and kicking butt, Arias is at the top of the class. She makes her living as a celebrity trainer and is known by the nickname, MankFit. She posts some of the most vigorous workout routines on the internet. Good luck trying to keep up with the hard-bodied goddess!

On her Instagram account, she lists herself as a health coach and creator of #MA30DAY. She has also eclipsed the 1 million follower mark with 2 million of her own. It’s insane to think of how many fans some of the women on this list have. It only proves how big of an influence they have on the world and the mark they are making. In reality, it’s a good thing. People need motivation and people like Massy Arias can motivate both men and women to live to their fullest potentials.

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