Jelly Bean Art is Awesome!

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Upon entering the studio of Kristen Cummings, you will smell the sweetest aroma you have ever experienced in your life.  It’s because she uses jelly beans as her paint.  Specifically Jelly Bellys,  those smell the best!  Jelly Belly loves her so much, they consider her a resident artist.  Awesome!

Her specialty is recreating famous pieces of art.  She has recreated the “Mona Lisa” and “The King” Elvis Presley.  Great taste!  She has completed mastered her custom technique for recreating the works.

On average a piece of her art uses around 12,000 jelly beans and takes 7 days to complete.   The beauty of her work is the way it pops off the canvas.  She implements a 3D-like effect that distinguishes her work apart from all the other jelly bean artists out there.

In an interview with CBS, she commented on her work,

“Using more than one different kind of blue or different kind of red will allow me to create a sense of depth and three-dimensionality even though it’s a two-dimensional surface.  And it’s just more interesting to look at… If it’s jelly beans, you can eat your mistakes. It really doesn’t get better than that!”

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Fun times for Kristen!  Please enjoy her work!  Warning: you may experience a strong craving for jelly beans after viewing her masterpieces.

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